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» Panorama tour in Helsinki city centre 2001
» Historical Tour in the Centre of Helsinki
» Panorama city tour 1999 (in Finnish only)
» Virtual Museum, Govinius plot, 3D
» Viikki, 3D

» TRIDENT Project History
» Arenanet Project History
» Infocities Project History

Services available in Virtual Helsinki

Discover the central spots in Helsinki! Virtual Helsinki Directory lists the inner city buildings and services.

Take a panorama tour in the central cityscape with the help of 360 deg rotating photos. The Historical tour is a picture show of the township then and now.

The 3-D model in Virtual Museum gives an idea of what the Senate Square area look like in 1805. Take a trip to the past guided by the silhouette figure of a fire-safety inspector and read what researchers have found in an archaeological dig.

You can also make a fact-finding trip to the fast developing Viikki district with the help of a 3-D model.

Virtual Helsinki -project continues

3D model of Virtual Helsinki is still growing. New 3D Helsinki portal by Fontus Ltd is now open for beta testing. Portal uses modern AJAX-technology.
Fontus Virtual Helsinki -

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